07/03/12The Jazz Session with Jason Crane

An in depth interview about my work as a sideman, "Journeyman", and how Improv Comedy has made be a better musician. Enjoy

07/02/12Thomas Cunliffe gives a postive review of Journeyman!

06/28/12SomethingElse Reviews lists "Journeyman" as a top jazz release for 2012!

06/23/12The Pace Report (Video Podcast)

This interview features footage from my CD Release Party for "Journeyman" as well as some dialogue about my creative process and the story behind the album.

06/01/12Hot House Magazine with Front Cover Feature

05/31/12NY Daily News plugs my CD Release Party at Kitano

05/31/12Gigi Brooks of JazzTimes.com interviews me about my early influences, notable sideman work, and the new alubm

05/29/12Podcast interview with host of "Straight No Chaser" Jeffrey Siegel. Subject matter includes the creative process of making Journeyman as well as my time with Max Weinberg and Bruce Springsteen

05/27/12NY Daily News Review of Journeyman

05/25/12A nice letter from writer Charles Latimer of IDigJazz.com

05/14/12Dan Billawsky of All About Jazz Revews Journeyman

05/12/12Bruce Lindsay of All About Jazz reviews Journeyman

05/10/12SomethingElse Reviews gives a sparkling review of "Journeyman"

05/03/12Step Tempest Blog Reviews Journeyman

04/06/12Brent Black of @CriticalJazz weights in

05/08/10All About Jazz Review by Raul D'Gama Rose

05/08/10All About Jazz Review by Gina Vodegel

05/04/10JazzTimes Review

04/27/10All About Jazz Review by C. Michael Bailey

04/27/10All About Jazz Review by J Hunter

04/27/10Review from Blog, "Lucid Culture"

04/26/10NJ Star Ledger jazz critic reviews "Boiling Point"

04/22/10All About Jazz Review by Dan Bilawsky

A nice write up of my debut album, "Boiling Point"

04/22/10Something Else! Blog

Pico writes up a glowing review of "Boiling Point"!

04/22/10All About Jazz Review by Bruce Lindsay

I am humbled by this one!

04/22/10Audiophile Audition Review

Jeff Krow gives "Boiling Point" 4 stars!

04/22/10All About Jazz Review by John Barron

04/22/10Master of a Small House Blog

My very first review of "Boiling Point"

07/08/09WBGO Interview

I recently had an interview for NYC's jazz radio station WBGO, and they posted it on their web blog. It will give you some insight to my humble beginnings in the professional music world as well as what I'm up to now. I hope you enjoy it.

03/01/07Inside Connection

Another mention in a jazz review for the John Fedchock New York Big Band

02/28/07Cerritos Ink

Mentioned in a review of the Doc Severinsen Big Band when we performed in Cerriots, CA

02/10/07Jazz Times

Mentioned in a JazzTimes review of the John Fedchock New York Big Band

02/05/07The Bergen Record

This Article was featured in the Go! section of the Bergen Record

11/06/06The Washington Post

Listed as one of November's best jazz concerts in the Washington DC area.

08/02/06Hot House Magazine

I was featured in the Jazz in Jersey section